New for Spring 2021

606 Vegetables

We’re adding bush bean, lettuce and snap peas to the Spring 2021 list in cell packs.

604 Changes

There will be no Dreamland Zinnia this year. They are being replaced by Zesty Zinnia in 5.5″ pots.

More 4″ Selections

  • The 4″ Coleus list has new colors and textures this year.
  • There will be two new colors of Gomphrena, pink and white.
  • We’re adding Portulaca Samba Pink Bicolor and Hot Rose. They are similar to purslane but have narrow, needle-like leaves.
  • Lots of new Vegetables have been added to the 4″ list.

Changes for the 4.25″ pot

  • The Begonia Baby Wing White has been replaced with BIG Green leaf White.
  • There’s a Calibrachoa Bumble Bee Orange to go along with the blue and pink.
  • Sunpatien Orchid has been renamed Orchid Blush.
  • Added Lobelia, Lobularia and Nemesia for early Spring availability.
  • There will be two new double petunias, midnight gold and pink diamond.
  • Another rename is Scaevola Surdiva Light Blue is now just Blue.
  • Added two fizz bicolors to the Verbena list.
  • Vinca Cora Cascade Apricot had a seed failure this year and is not available. There’s a cool new trailing series called Quasar that we are trying the Deep Space Blue and Orange Target. They are sterile and want cause reseeding issues for next year like the other varieties. Tattoo series will be available all Spring this year.

5.5″ Pots

  • Heather is adding a project for vegetables grown with Fox Farm Soil and Fertilizer. There will be a limited supply and selection available each week in March and April.