New for Spring 2020

Impatiens Beacon Series

Impatiens are back! Probably the biggest news of the year is the new Impatiens with high resistance to Impatiens downy mildew. We’ve got 5 colors and a mix for this year. Available in 6-pack.


We’ve added 2″ succulent pots to this year’s selection and increased the number of plants in the 4 1/4″ succulents. Most are tender, but there are some hardy types.

Celosia First Flame Purple

Celosia plumosa with a unique purple color. Height is similar to New Look Red. Available in 6-pack.

Celosia Ice Cream Mix

We’ve changed our mix Celosia to the Ice Cream series. It is still a heat-tolerant series, but with several more colors not in the Fresh Look Mix. Height is a little shorter at about 10″ compared to 14″. Available in 6-pack.


We have a size change coming to the 4 1/4″ Geraniums. They will now be in the 5-1/2″ (1.25qt) pot in a 6-count tray. This size change should allow the plants more room to grow and less upward stretching.


There will also be a size change for Caladiums. All varieties will be in the 5-1/2″ (1.25qt) pot in a 6-count tray. There will also be an increase from 2 bulbs to 3 bulbs in each pot. We are hoping this will give you a much fuller pot with increased value.

Daylily and Hosta

Daylily and Hosta will be offered in a larger 6″ (2.5qt) pot in a 6-count tray this year. This will double the soil and root volume from last year.

Hanging Baskets

This year’s basket will have an exterior saucer. We are also increasing the number of plants in combo baskets.